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December, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Our December chapter meeting is on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 at 5:45PM. Please RSVP if you plan on attending!

How to Adapt What We Have Now to the IoT (The Internet of Things)

Abstract: Information Security Professionals are fast realizing that they are facing new challenges:

  • How do I strategize, budget, & execute today for a world that I can’t even imagine five years from now?
  • How do I sleep at night when after 99 successes, one small miscalculation could put my name on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or the headline of the Drudge Report?
  • Now that the guys in the high-back chairs in the corner offices want to invite me to their meetings, how do I put all this craziness into words that they can understand?
    In this fast changing world, let’s be honest, the pocketbooks have opened & IT Security is getting the funds <<yea!>> & the attention <<boo!>> that we need. The bottom line? You’ll leave this discussion with four or five things you can do that will keep you on the road to those 99 successes while making that story above the fold a little less likely.

Speaker biography: Caston Thomas brings perspective, knowledge and a practicality to how to combine technology and process change for improving security & management of mobile & the cloud. Caston has pioneered communications & workflow technologies in a number of healthcare organizations. With almost 30 years in corporate information technology, he is sought by business leaders as an expert helping to fill the gap between mobile security frameworks and the operational processes & technologies that make them work.


5:45-6:15PM Networking/Membership signup / Dinner
6:15-7:15PM Presentation
7:15-7:45PM Q&A

NEW LOCATION Location Information

Metro Health IT Facility
985 Gezon Parkway (across from Target loading dock)
Wyoming, MI, 49519