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September, 2017 Chapter Meeting

Our May chapter meeting is on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 5:45PM. Please RSVP if you plan on attending!

Defending Against Pass-The-Hash

Abstract: Sure everyone in IT knows about ransomware, DDOS, and various sorts of malware. However many IT folks either don’t know or don’t know how to defend themselves against a flaw that affects all Microsoft Operating Systems. I’m talking about Pass-The-Hash. Pass-The-Hash has existed from the very beginning, and is a powerful technique that attackers can use to move laterally, and escalate privilege in your Windows Environment. We’ll be discussing why it’s possible, what are the business risks involved, and mitigation techniques.

Speaker Biography: Mikhail Burshteyn is a Security Consultant for CDW, performing penetration tests for various types of customers and industries. He has a passion for security, breaking things, and showing people the risks that can be involved with different technologies. He is a former graduate of Central Michigan University, and holds a number of certifications including CISSP and CCNA.


5:45-6:00PM Networking, dinner
6:00-7:15PM Presentation
7:15-7:45PM Q&A

Location Information

Metro Health IT Facility
985 Gezon Parkway (across from Target loading dock)
Wyoming, MI, 49519